Marina Pez Vela is located at Puerto Quetzal on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala adjacent to the city of Puerto San Jose.

The world now knows how good the fishing is in Guatemala. 

This is the reason we have created the A-Fin-ity Experience here in Guatemala. You will have the "shots" to become better, you will have the chance for us to help you increase your catch % due to the amazing numbers of fish. There should be an expectation of 15 to 20 shots a day but we have those days where it is off the charts. 

We will use 20#, 12#, 8#, 4# and Fly. You will be able to feel comfortable with any rod in your hands. We will spend all the time you want preparing you for the event you are planning for. You tell us what you want to learn and become better at and we will get you there!

CHARTER your experience

I will make sure you have time dedicated to whatever skills you want to improve or what line class you want to become well versed in. 

We have fished many fisheries around the world and have learned many different tactics for all the line classes and species. 

One size does not fit all!   We have spent hundreds of days on the water learning this. We want you to become the best angler you can be.

Come down, tell us what you want to be better at and we will do our best to assist you.

Want to Fish on A-Fin-ity...

Call us when You’re Ready!

Telephone: +1-561-283-2270 


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Just give us a call or email. 

Charters are personally arranged by myself to ensure your ultimate convenience.  

You can look at our booking calendar for available dates and fill in your information. 

We will contact to arrange your trip your way. 

When you arrive in Guatemala,  you will be met at the airport and brought to the Estate. 

You need not worry about a thing. We will handle your every need.

Our "ALL INCLUSIVE" packages, include deluxe suite with ALL MEALS, ALL BEVERAGES, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are included along with daily transportation to and from the marina. 

There are no hidden expenses. 

You can tip the crew as you feel appropriate.

how to book YOUR “Experience”

Cruise speed of 27kts. 

AC Below if you need it. 

Ice Machine.

Built in a communication system so you can hear the Captain at all times. 

On Board you will find top of the line equipment. Shimano reels and rods. Daiwa High Speed Light Tackle Reels with Seeker Light Tackle Custom Rods, Quad Electric Teaser Reels.

Love your music while fishing, NO PROBLEM, we got it and we love jamming while fishing. 

The Goal:

Catch Fish and Have Fun.


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